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Every organization is different. For some, cost may override all other issues. Others may place more importance on risk factors. To help organisations of all sizes manage employee mobility more effectively, we’ve developed Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD), an intelligent decision tool that helps drivers select the right transport option for every journey.

The answers provided by ETD are based on unique decision-making algorithms, developed, tested and agreed in advance. 

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Key Travel Decision Factors

Successfully enforcing a travel management policy relies on combining a clear picture of each employees needs with three key factors about how and when to travel.

ETD creates the perfect balance between these factors based on the immediate priorities and future goals of each organisation - Cost, Compliance and Convenience.


How much will this and subsequent journeys cost?


How can I manage risks and effectively manage my travel policy?


Will it be easy and practical to gain access to the required vehicle?

Having identified the best mode of travel, ETD enables the driver to complete the process.
If the answer is to book an hourly or daily hire vehicle, they will be seamlessly connected to the right service. If using their own vehicle is allowed, and is the best option in that situation, they will be taken through a pre-agreed process to ensure that duty of care is properly managed.


Short ad hoc journeys, often at short notice

Using a personal vehicle and reclaiming mileage may sometimes make financial sense, but can you be sure they have the appropriate business-use insurance? 

ETD helps the employee understand whether they are likely to be adequately covered and, if necessary, directs them to a cost-effective alternative in line with your travel policy.


Regular trips, two or three days a week

A vehicle can be delivered in time for early morning meetings and collected at the end of the day. But how much time will it sit idle while still incurring hire costs?

ETD identifies that a Car Club vehicle is available and directs the employee to use this instead. With flexible charging and no delivery or collection costs to factor in, a 60% savings is realised.

As travel needs evolve, Enterprise will continue our programme of innovation, creating even more ways of demystifying the true cost of mobility whilst balancing the economic, social and environment objectives of every customer.

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